Whine Not(?)(!)

August 5, 2018
Soon you find that you are following a chain of automated commands directing you to numbers and pound signs, and before you know it you are trapped - too far in to hang up, but not seeing the solution or conclusion anywhere in sight. It is then you realize you have entered the complaint wilderness, and like many of us who have traveled this journey before, it will be years before you reach (if at all) a conclusion or freedom.

Give a Little Bit…

July 29, 2018
Too often, we make huge plans and we forget that it is​ the small, manageable, incremental changes that really add up. On Sunday, we will explore how giving a little bit can impact the world just as profoundly as the major projects.

Community Mix

July 22, 2018
On Sunday we will be sharing in our first Ice Cream Social with the Village People. It will be an opportunity for Gardeners to come to Broad Ripple United Methodist Church and check out the offices, meet some of our village neighbors, eat ice cream and jam to LIVE music with the Good Earth Band.


July 15, 2018
Most everyone prays. For some it is a daily practice, while others pray at moments of desperation. Even though we know we should pray constantly, many if not most of…