Suffering from stress — not feeling well emotionally or physically, or not functioning at your optimal level as a result of stress? If yes, this book was written for you.  I’ve had over 40 years of experience in the study of stress and over 30 years of clinical practice in diagnosing and treating stress-related illness. I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of people helping them learn how to eliminate stress and its accompanying symptoms of emotional and physical suffering.  I wrote this book to share with you a revolutionary message that stress can be both prevented and eliminated, not just managed through exercise, relaxation, meditation, and eating right.  The book is easy to read and loaded with real-life examples.

The book study will give you an opportunity to participate in a discussion that will enrich your application of the methods to conquer stress in your everyday life.

Each session will focus sequentially on 2 chapters at a time.  The book can be purchased on Amazon at a cost of $17.99 and typically takes 2-4 days to arrive.  The Chapter focus for each session is outlined below. Books can be purchased through Amazon at https://amzn.to/36UZzPE

  • Jul 22, 7-8p  Chapter 1: Rethinking Stress
    •  Chapter 2: When Demands and Resources Are Out of Balance
  • Jul 29, 7-8p   Chapter 3: Eliminating Non-Essential Demands
    • Chapter 4: Maximizing Resources
  • Aug 5, 7-8p   Chapter 5: How You Perceive Difficult Situations
    • Chapter 6: Conquering Dysfunctional Anxiety
  • Aug 12, 7-8P   Chapter 7: Conquering Unjustified Guilt
    •  Chapter 8: Conquering Chronic Anger
  • Aug 19, 7-8P  Chapter 9: Conquering Frustration
    • Chapter 10: Dealing With Loss, Grief and Situational Depression

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