The Garden’s Garden is the spring through fall Garden outreach, and we’d love to gather more folks onto the team. Coordinated by Bev Titus, the garden is located on the grounds of the Eskenazi Health Center Pecar at 6940 Michigan Road. This wonderful project benefits the Crooked Creek Food Pantry located inside the clinic.

Not even a global pandemic will keep Bev and her team from completing this outreach. She and her husband Tony met with Steve Claffey and Mary Ann Thaman from the pantry to review any processes that may need to change because of Covid19. Since both food pantries and agriculture were designated as essential businesses, Steve and Mary Ann were happy to hear from Bev that The Garden plans to move forward with the project. They commented to Bev and Tony that fresh vegetables are needed now more than ever, as the massive job layoffs have hit the working poor particularly hard. Apparently tomatoes of all varieties are their clients’ favorites!

Given that we will still be practicing social distancing as we begin work on the garden, we will need more volunteers. We’ll need to work preparing the soil, composting, and planting in smaller groups for additional days.

After the soil is prepared and planting is done, the team members water, weed, and harvest according to their selected schedule. Team members sign up through Sign Up Genius and can schedule themselves around vacations and other summer plans. This is a big project and it’s a great way to get involved at The Garden. For more information and to get all your questions answered, contact Bev Titus at beverlytitus58@yahoo.com. For all those feeling energetic and who need to get outside, she has some work that can be done right now! Who can pass that up??!!