Opportunities for our Future

Thank you for your feedback and opinions through the survey and visioning exercises at church on Sunday Sept 9. This information will serve to make us better. Through the research, there were five main opportunities that rose to the top:

Establish and share a vision and purpose

Through your input, we have determined that our message and purpose are clear and simply stated “We believe God is loving, open, and welcoming to all…. and so are we!”  Through exploring, engaging, and being inspired, we will transform God’s world with love!  We believe further defining this message will help address some of the confusion that currently exists and help us in attracting new members to The Garden.
Grow genuine interpersonal relationships


People provided a lot of feedback about the importance of connection and relationships: with those they consider family, friends, and other familiar Gardeners. There is a loving and welcoming atmosphere here that people are excited to see more of. Suggestions included making space for genuine connection between people here and providing more opportunities for coming together outside of the service. 


Provide outlets for individual spirituality

Spirituality shows up differently within everyone’s life and that is something we would like to celebrate and accommodate by creating space and intentional moments for people to experience this in a variety of ways within the service, but also outside of it.


Develop a sense of place

Gardeners reported that they like having a non-traditional space, but are open to a new location where they can further explore spirituality, fellowship, gatherings, youth activities, and other church/member needs. But just to be clear, as long as Beef & Boards is available and meeting our needs, we intend to stay here for worship.



Build community through service to others


Gardeners are ready to give back, and expressed a desire to make a difference and help their neighbors. People are interested in an active church community engaged with social responsibility opportunities and community impact. 



We would love any further feedback you would like to share. Please click here to go to our Contact Us page. If you would like your comment to remain anonymous, simply leave the name, email, and phone fields blank.