Sun, Mar 1 – Wed, April 1 | Sunday Full Group
Meetings: 10:30-12:00p Sundays virtually via a Zoom Conference
Wednesday Small Groups: 6:30-8p Meetings virtually via a Zoom Conference

Please join Pastor Carolyn and Gardener Kevin Young as they lead us through our2020 Lenten book study. This is a groundbreaking new format for The Garden, which we plan to extend throughout the year. The study book is “Inspired” by Rachel Held Evans. This study is a quest to understand what the Bible really is and how it should be read. This quest changed Evans and it will change Gardeners as well. Each session stands alone, so when you think of that friend you wish you’d invited – go ahead and invite them. They can start at any point in the study.  If you want to be inspired during Lent, join us today after service. Questions: Contact Kevin at kpyoung62@sbcglobal.net.  To be added to the Zoom conference invite list contact Ericka at ericka@thegardenonline.org.

Questions: contact Kevin Young at kpyoung62@sbcglobal.net.