Journey to Transformation

A shared Lenten experience.

Together, during the season of Lent, embark on a Journey to Transformation — a shared experience between the congregations of Roberts Park United Methodist Church and The Garden Community Church.

Watch this video and learn how to get started on this Journey to Transformation. (Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be alerted of Lenten resources that will be published daily through this journey.)

Optional Supplies List

Earlier this month, The Garden assembled Lenten Journey supply bags — resources to help connect us through prayer, poetry, and scripture reflection.

While we prepared hundreds of bags, in hopes to supply active Garden households, supplies were still limited. 

Note: If you feel you were missed in this distribution, please connect with the office so we may verify your current information.

Even though you may not have a supply bag, you can still prepare a sacred space for your Journey to Transformation. Below is a list of supplies that you will likely be able to find around your home:

Daily Items:

  • Devotional guide (online version below)
  • Poetry journal (audio clips below)
  • Candle


Week One Items:

  • Tin of Ash
  • Temporary tattoo
  • Sackcloth (burlap) 


Additional Items (for later use):

  • Small blue vile of water from the Jordan River
  • Cross made out of a palm branch
  • Wooden cross
  • Black ribbon


You may also join us for three-minute daily devotionals every morning on Facebook and YouTube, beginning on Ash Wednesday. 

We encourage you to create a sacred place to share in prayer, reflection, and meditation. The devotionals will engage us through scripture and the poetry of Mary Oliver. You may consider using the bag as your altar cloth or even add other materials for creative expression. 

So, grab your favorite bible, find sacred space, and join us on this journey of refreshment as we journey together towards Easter!

Introduction: Part 1

Introduction: Part 2

Step 1: Weekly Devotionals

The journey begins on Ash Wednesday with the first devotional based on the poetry of Mary Oliver. Then, each Sunday, come back for the weekly devotions.

Step 2: Daily Meditations from the Clergy.

Each day, Roberts Park and The Garden will present a supplemental video to meditate on throughout your journey. (Subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on notifications 🔔 to receive daily reminders when the videos are published.)

Step 3: Poetry Reflections

Each of the weekly devotionals refers to poetry by Mary Oliver. These poems can be found below or inside the Poetry Journal.

Optional: Young Disciples

Pastor Carmen from Roberts Park United Methodist presents a children’s version of our Journey to Transformation!