3 Simple Rules: Do No Harm
July 19, 2020

3 Simple Rules: Do No Harm

Passage: Gal 5:15, Romans 13: 8-10,
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Each day as we get more information about the virus and our next steps it’s easy to get confused as there is a lot to take in and sometimes the instructions can be contradicting. I can’t help but think, can we just get back to the basics? So many new ideas or complicated details and it’s all changing very quickly. As people of faith, I believe there are some basic practices we can take with us into this brave new world. The founder of our denomination, John Wesley, wrote about three simple rules that help people apply their faith to everyday life, and not only live in a way that honors God but encourages growth and development of our faith. Today more than ever I think it is important for people of faith to be mindful of what is guiding us on this journey. Join us as we explore how we can live into these three simple rules: 1) Do no harm, 2) Do good, and 3) Stay in love with God.

Do No Harm
Often we think that faithful living starts with what WE DO . . . but John Wesley began the Simple Rules instead of what we REFRAIN from doing. Our first call is to AVOID doing harm to others. This ground rule helps us remember how interconnected we are with everyone, and how our actions and inactions have a dramatic impact on the lives of others.