Let’s Get Connected…Digitally!
October 1, 2017

Let’s Get Connected…Digitally!

Passage: John 15:1-8 (NIV)

Bible Text: John 15:1-8 (NIV) | Speaker: Rev. Dr. Carolyn Scanlan-Holmes | Series: Let’s Get Connected…

Whether walking on the Monon, sitting in a restaurant, or gathering in any public space, one cannot help but notice our culture has gone digital. Everyone seems to have their eyes fixed on a phone, laptop, e-reader, or iPad. Where 20 years ago I would have started a wedding with an opening prayer, today most often my first words are “please take a moment to power down or silence your phones.” This change is a reminder to me that we are a culture driven by technology and apart from a few outliers it is a way of life. On Sunday we will take a look at how making connections digitally can help The Garden share in ministry more effectively. Gardeners will be given an opportunity to make some new and immediate connections that will support us in engaging more fully in our community. So this Sunday don’t power down those devices – bring them to church to get connected!