Created For Connection
April 29, 2018

Created For Connection

We live in a world where we are becoming more and more connected. Things like GPS and WAZE give us real-time suggestions on the fastest routes to get around. We can now do our grocery shopping with a virtual cart - just pull up to the curb and your order is waiting for you. With Amazon, these days there is no reason to even leave the house. It’s just a tap of a button and whatever you need is soon delivered to your door.

The irony of all of this is the more we connect through technology, the less time we seem to have, and we are becoming more disconnected with one another. At The Garden we know that it is in connecting with one another when we experience what it truly means to be connected in community. On Sunday, we will explore how we have been sharing in community and what opportunities there are to become connected with each other. We will look at how in connecting with others, we connect and grow in our relationship with God.

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