Community Mix
July 22, 2018

Community Mix

Passage: Matthew 18:20, Romans 1:11 - 12, Romans 12:5, Romans 12:16
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On Sunday we will be sharing in our first Ice Cream Social with the Village People. It will be an opportunity for Gardeners to come to Broad Ripple United Methodist Church and check out the offices, meet some of our village neighbors, eat ice cream and jam to LIVE music with the Good Earth Band. We hope you will take some time out of your day to join us for some fun in the village!On Sunday morning we will take a look at how God builds community much like a good ice cream sundae. We will consider all the different ingredients it takes to enhance and share with one another, in a way that feeds the greater community with the gracious gift of God’s love.

In the letters to the churches the apostle Paul shares what he believes those ingredients that bring together the perfect recipe for living in community!

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