A Faith That Works
September 2, 2018

A Faith That Works

Passage: Colossians 3:23, James 2: 14 - 16
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Brother Lawrence was a 17th century laymen who worked in a Carmelite Monastery in Paris. Lawrence was not a monk - instead it was his job to serve the monastery by working in the kitchen and mending sandals. Although he was not a religious man, Brother Lawrence became known as the one who found profound peace in all his chores and duties. His strong work ethic and sense of character gained him respect in the monastery and soon visitors from all over France came to seek spiritual guidance from him. Lawrence had an amazing ability to integrate his faith and love for God in all of his work, and in doing so found a sense of peace and spirituality that others wanted.

On Sunday, we will celebrate Labor Day and consider how we too can find a way to live a life of faith and peace in our work, chores, and duties. Join us Sunday as we explore a “A Faith that Works.”

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