Are you “Able”
August 30, 2020

Are you “Able”

Passage: Matthew 18: 1-5
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In our search for some fun theme's Dana Cochran Wiley shares the following... "I keep thinking about what the world needs more of these days. Kindness, for sure. Gratitude, definitely. But the one word that keeps coming to mind is "teachability." Other names might be curiosity or open-mindedness. But what I think it really comes down to is humility.

Being teachable hearts require risk; the risk of being wrong, or challenged, or changed. It requires a heart posture that says "I don't know all the answers, but I'm willing to learn." Although I know I can't change all the hearts of those around me, but I do believe I can start with my own. Am I teachable? Where can I learn? Who can I grow from this week? Those all feel like steps in the right direction.”