Before I Die…Finishing Well
April 9, 2017

Before I Die…Finishing Well

Passage: John 11
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At the Rio Olympic Games Jamaican track and field star Usain Bolt accomplished a feat that no other athlete has in history. He is the first track and field athlete to win metals three times at 3 different Olympic Games in 2008, 2012 and 2016. He is the only “triple - triple.” At the completion of the Rio Olympics Bolt announced his well deserved retirement. One would think such a finish would call for a huge championship parade when he returned home following the games. But Usain refused to grant interviews and chose instead to make a quiet return to the island quietly grabbing his luggage throwing it into the back of a pick up truck and taking off for his home.

Yet before Usain could leave the airport people could not help but notice and acknowledge the star. Soon the crowds started to gather around Bolt thanking and congratulating him. Some showered him with hand shakes and hugs, while others snapped quick selfies with the star. Class act!

On Sunday we reach the conclusion of our “Before I Die” series with - Finishing Well. As you consider your finishes in life - do you wish to go our quietly like Bolt or with a blaze of glory? We will look specifically at how Jesus finished his earthly ministry. From his triumphant entry into Jerusalem to sharing in a final meal with his friends, we will consider the final messages he leaves with us.


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