Come As You Are
September 6, 2020

Come As You Are

Passage: MARK 5:21-43
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Last week we talked about being teachable and coachable. Perhaps one of the reasons why we have such a hard time with opening ourselves to being teachable and coachable is because we know admitting we don’t know something opens us up to being vulnerable. We like to be prepared, to have looked at all the different angles of a situation, and know the answers before the questions are asked. We like to look like we have our act together and are ready for anything. What I find interesting is that often when I read about encounters with Jesus, most of the people don’t have it together. Many of the encounters with Jesus are people just living life doing the best they can. Many times, those people are in pain or in crisis. They are people in the midst of confusion or loss. They are people who come to Jesus in the conditions of the world as they are and Jesus meets them, loves them, cares for them, and forgives them. Jesus invites all of us as we are to come to Him here and now.

Join us Sunday for “Come as You Are”