Don’t Touch Me
April 12, 2020

Don’t Touch Me

Passage: John 20:1 - 18
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I can remember long rides growing up when my sister would just poke at me for the sole purpose of annoying me.  Ok - she would most likely say it was the other way around but, in any case, the action was most often followed by “Mom she’s touching me!” or “Don’t touch me.” Well, guess what - Jesus said that once too!  Yes, it is right there in the bible in the gospel of John, it’s a text we read on Easter Sunday!  Intriguing isn’t it?  So why don’t you join us?  In fact, put on your Easter bonnet, stay in your pajamas and slippers, grab a cup of coffee and a bagel, and join us at 9:15a Easter Sunday for “Don’t Touch Me."