Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Looking Within
September 27, 2020

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Looking Within

Passage: James 2:14-18 (Message)
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As a country and world, we are currently grappling with the effects of the historic COVID-19 pandemic, while still experiencing the epidemic of racial injustice we have had to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

For many people uncertain of what to say or what to do next, the intensity of uncomfortableness can almost be too much to take that next step. The current cultural movement calls for The Garden to stretch our boundaries to better understand how members of our society have been marginalized. This week Josh Riddick will continue to explore "Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - Looking Within"


Guest Artist | Taylor Hall 

Taylor Hall is a 19-year-old Indianapolis native and current Ball State University student. She has been a leader in some of the peaceful protests in Indianapolis. She is a member of the group Black Women in Charge and the founder of the Artivist LLC. Artivist LLC is a youth-based company inspiring activism through art. She is continuing the family legacy of standing up for what is right started by her grandfather, Rev. Dr. Kent Millard, a former pastor at St. Luke's United Methodist Church and who marched with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in the 1960s.