October 4, 2020

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Stepping Out

Passage: 12:9-21 NRSV
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Last week we worked to begin to grasp an understanding of how racism has and is malformed us. We were invited to look internally at the narratives we were taught around race and identity and hold the tension that we’ve been complicit in systems of oppression. This week we will be taking a look at how the Garden as a faith community can posture itself to become a more racially inclusive and justice-centered community of people.

Guest Artist: Huckleberry Funk

This week one of Indianapolis's best high-powered Funk, R&B, and Soul bands, Huckleberry Funk, shares their music with us. Their dynamic live shows have earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting and entertaining live performances in the Midwest. Featuring powerhouse vocals, face-melting guitar solos, east coast-style horns, and rock-solid grooves, they deliver an explosive live musical experience that leaves audiences wanting more!