Gift: Growing From the Inside Out
October 28, 2018

Gift: Growing From the Inside Out

Passage: Luke 12:13-21 : The Story of the Greedy Farmer
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This week, we continue on our journey of Growing in Faith Together by exploring the inward journey.  Often times in this world, we focus more on things that we see.  We spend much of our time preparing for the future and thus miss what is available to us in the present time.  We become overly concerned with what we do not have, and with what we want. We do not take into account what we already have right here and now.

On Sunday, we will explore how we can build our lives from the inside out.  We will consider the gifts God has already given us deep within ourselves and find that we have what we need for the journey.  Join us Sunday as we look at “Growing in Faith Together by Moving In.”

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