Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
October 7, 2018

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Passage: Luke 14:1; 7 - 14
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Over 50 years ago, the movie “Guess Who’s Coming Dinner?” starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, and Katherine Hepburn opened in the US to great critical acclaim and controversy. The movie centered on a newly engaged interracial couple who decided to introduced their families to one another over dinner. The plot centered around the meal and the family learning their race differences at the time of the introductions. This theme is not as big of a deal in today's world, but in 1967 interracial marriage was illegal in most states and taboo. Central to the movie is the dinner table, because that is the place where we not only say grace but we extend grace. The table is the place where we can truly learn about one another and become family.

Fred Craddock once said “there is nothing more serious than a dining table.” It is the place where Jesus offers communion and the promise to always be with us in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The table plays a central role in ministry and is the place where Jesus gathers with his friends and acquaintances to build his ministry. It is a place of welcome, where Jesus welcomes the least, the last, and the lost, those whom others discriminated against. Jesus used the table as a place to not only break bread, but he created a sense of fellowship and hospitality meant for everyone. On Sunday, we join with Christians all over the world to share in World Wide Communion Sunday and the act of communion, fellowship, and hospitality. Join us Sunday and bring someone who you feel could benefit from a place of welcome, because there is room at the table for everyone!