Honoring Our Saints
November 3, 2019

Honoring Our Saints

Passage: Revelation 21: 3-5 I
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The season of All Saints is when we set aside time to remember those who have died and are no longer with us, both the people and the pets who have impacted our lives and the world in powerful and lasting ways. This weekend, we will gather to share in communion, remember and celebrate the Saints in our own lives. A special video presentation will honor those loved ones that have passed away. We will recognize and look to life eternal, mindful that death is not the end of the story for our loved ones or ourselves, but a new beginning. As a community of faith, we pause to remember by sharing in a candle lighting, a message of, and being mindful of the legacy of love we each leave behind.
Join us Sunday as we celebrate the gift of life and communion of All Saints.