Let It Go
August 11, 2019

Let It Go

Passage: Matthew 5:38-48 The Message (MSG), John 12:24 - 25
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For a long time, the phrase “let go and let God” had popularity suggesting if we just let go of our concerns and turn them over to God we will be provided all we need to find direction for living.  Well, these days when I hear or see “let go” I can’t help but sing – “Let it go, let it go; Can’t hold it back anymore”! Thanks to Disney’s animated movie “Frozen.” we now have a theme song for letting go! But what are we meant to let go of? I mean, we’re typically so invested in “hanging onto,” preserving, even grasping and clutching, that the idea of “letting go” can seem foreign, unobtainable, or even dreamlike. Join us Sunday to discover what it means to “let go” in such a way that we’re spiritually freed rather than imprisoned — to let go in such a way that we’re able to connect with the True Love (and True Self) at the center of our lives.