Life’s a/no Picnic?
August 18, 2019

Life’s a/no Picnic?

Passage: Acts 10:9-16 The Message (MSG), John 6:8-13
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The word “picnic” comes from the French.  After the French Revolution royal parks became open to the public for the first time.  So all kinds of people would gather for “pique-nique” a pitch-in meal in the park.  Some of these gatherings would be very simple with just a few people while others would include lots of people with elaborate food and wine.
On Sunday afternoon the Garden will have its annual picnic hosted by Bill and Janice Brown.  Just like the French we too will all bring a little something to share and together we will create the perfect meal and celebrate the gift of community. In preparation for the picnic Sunday morning we will look at some different picnics that can be found in the Bible.  We will see that indeed where ever two or three are gathered – seaside, up on a roof, or in a cave, we can share in community.  Whether grilling burgers, fish or simple sandwiches were ever there is food God can make a meal! On Sunday we will see that whenever we gather in the spirit and love of Christ we will find indeed that Life is a Picnic!