Love Is In The Air
February 10, 2019

Love Is In The Air

Passage: 1 John 4:16
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Of all the topics one finds in the Bible, a dominant theme is love. Depending on the translation, it can appear anywhere from 300-500 times. In today's culture, love continues to have popularity and is often found in our music, literature, movies, and social media. Most often when the theme of love is used in our modern context, it is used as a way to identify how we personally feel toward someone or something. We say the phrases “I love you” or "I love that..." as a way to express a heartfelt emotion. More recently, love has also become a marketing tool as a way to signify our solidarity that eventually “love wins” – implying that love is always accepting and perseveres.

On Sunday, join us as we explore the concept of perfect love found in God. We will look at the origin of love, the purpose of love, and the actions of love.