Many Path
January 6, 2019

Many Path

Passage: Psalm 16:11
Service Type:

Many Paths

As we start a new year, The Garden will begin a journey down a new path of change and transformation, which will include our branding and moving to one service. The hope is that this path will help us create space to share in more meaningful community, fellowship, and mission.

Even as these changes take place, The Garden will continue to serve as an open community where people from many paths gather to explore, engage, and seek to be inspired through the love of God.

On Sunday, we will look at the many paths Gardeners have traveled to share in our community. We know that what makes our community special is that we each bring a tradition. Some of our traditions are meaningful today, and others are special in the history they represent. Join us as we consider the Many Paths Gardeners come from and how God uses our journey to bring goodness into the world.