Mother’s Day-Circle of Life
May 12, 2019

Mother’s Day-Circle of Life

Passage: Isaiah 66:13 (NIV), John 19:26-27 (The Message)
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For many at the Garden Mother’s Day is a beautiful time to remember and celebrate the amazing women who have given us life and raised us.  It is also a time to celebrate those women who have committed to love all children ensuring we have a world where all children know love. Yet we also recognize that this day which brings joy for many will also bring pain and loss for others.  We know there are many who wish to have children and can not, others who are grieving the loss of a child and others who are living in strained relationships or estranged from their children.  There are some women in need of encouragement and are not feeling good about motherhood.  No matter where you are on the journey we encourage you to join us on Sunday to explore The Circle of Life that comes with this day we call Mother’s Day.