My Papa Is Your Papa
June 16, 2019

My Papa Is Your Papa

Passage: Proverbs 4:1-4
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Kathleen Maloney is a journalist who recently wrote a story about her Father who died this past year.  While visiting his grave one day she noted some people walking up and down the rows of stones looking for a name.  They came closer and closer until they came to her Father’s headstone and the man, who spoke little English and was far too old to be her Father’s son said “My Papa, My Papa” and cried.  The man’s son went on to explain that Kathleen’s father had extended great kindness to his father and he owed his life and success to her Father.  Not long after the man arrived in the US until the time of her father’s death her Father helped him.   When finances were tight he would extend credit, when he needed help with different city agencies when he was starting a business her Father negotiated for him.  When he had a family her Dad extended the love and care to this man and his wife.  All these acts of kindness were never shared with his own family and his children were overwhelmed to learn in the end how many people their Father had parented.  Growing up Kathleen had always thought her Father had only two children but clearly, his parenting went far beyond The Maloney household and left quite an impact on many of God’s children.  Join us Sunday as we celebrate the gift of Fathering.