The Power of Love: New Beginnings (Easter)
April 16, 2017

The Power of Love: New Beginnings (Easter)

Passage: John 20:1-18
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Pause for a moment, and consider the phrase, “new beginnings.” What images come to mind? A beautiful sunrise? A new baby opening his eyes to the world for the first time? Spring? Easter Sunday morning? A chance to start again, when life has become dark and difficult? Beautiful images, full of hope and promise.

On Sunday we will begin our service in darkness because the miracle of Easter starts before the Sunrise. It started with the willingness of one woman to step into the darkness, face her pain and grief to find the miracle. The miracle had already happened in the darkness of the night. Christ had already risen when the women arrived at His tomb with the rising of the sun. New beginnings aren’t always filled with light, and brilliance and fanfare. New beginnings can be quiet; often dark and sometimes cold. New beginnings aren’t always seen or felt. But they are there, already brimming with hope and promise. Already carrying the seeds of a better day, a richer season, a sweeter life.

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