Out Of the Stands and On To the Field
November 19, 2017

Out Of the Stands and On To the Field

Passage: Matthew 25:20-21; Romans 12 The Message (MSG)
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As we move into the final weeks of our Gratitude Campaign we are exploring how God uses our time, talents, and treasures in transforming the world. Last week, Carver shared how his time in WWII provided a way for him to find profound meaning in Jesus’ call to love our enemies. This week we will explore how God wishes to use each of our talents in the transformation of the world. These are the God-given talents or gifts present when God knitted us in our mother’s womb. Yet sometimes we overlook our God-given talents because we are busy doing other things or trying to find ourselves. Some are waiting for their talents to be perfected or refined, or they are waiting for the perfect time or opportunity. On Sunday, we will ask ourselves the question “Are we waiting on the bench or are we in the game?” Gardeners will have an opportunity to connect with ministry leaders and see where you can best serve. Join us as we get off the bench in into the Game!