July 23, 2017


Passage: Psalm 139:13-14;Philippians 1:6;John 14:12-14
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“So did you get your 10,000 steps in today?” It’s a common question in the world today as fitness trackers are everywhere. These amazing little devices are designed to capture data that measures your vertical and horizontal distance traveled. It measures your miles, your sleep, your calorie intake and calories burned. Some even keep track of weight, monitor blood pressure and heart rate. In short, it is an amazing tool that at the end of the day tracks your physical fitness. It’s more difficult to track our spiritual fitness but it is possible. On Sunday we will consider the tools we need to get into spiritual SHAPE and fitness for the journey. We will consider how God has given us Spiritual gifts, a Heart to make a difference, natural Abilities, a particular Personality, and life Experiences to live each day to the fullest. In examining these elements of our daily journey we can work towards a plan for spiritual fitness.