The Year of Yes

December 29, 2019
Often, we say “yes” or “no” to things without really thinking. Sometimes we say “no” to everything because we feel too busy, or because we’re too afraid to say “yes.”
This weekend at The Garden, we get back to basics with JOY.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, is given an unexpected proposition from God through the Holy Spirit. She is asked to have a baby before she is married, and save the world. How would you respond if you received a request completely out of your wheelhouse that would turn your world upside down?

The Joys of Thanks-Living

November 24, 2019
It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the Thanksgiving/Christmas season!  A time to enjoy the goodness of life! Taking time to gather with family and friends to enjoy great food, fellowship, and football! As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we tend to focus on our blessings and giving thanks for God’s goodness. While that is certainly a good thing, it is not the best thing. The best thing is to turn Thanksgiving into Thanks-LIVING. Regardless of the day or the situation, God wants us to be thankful.