Thank You Giving
November 26, 2017

Thank You Giving

Passage: 1 Chronicles 16:34; 2 Thessalonians 1:3-4 (MSG)
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As we complete our Gratitude Campaign on Sunday we will bring forth our gratitude cards and ask for God’s blessings on the Garden ministry in the year to come. We will also consider what it means to a be a “Thank You Giving” people. I don’t know about you but there are times when I wish I would have thanked someone after the fact. A server who did a great job in a restaurant.  The late-night gas station attendant. The people who do so much to make Sunday mornings at The Garden possible. Why is it that we think thankful thoughts but don’t express them in words? Are we afraid of looking foolish or weak? Are we too preoccupied with our own agenda to take the time to offer a word of encouragement? Are we concerned that giving too much praise to someone might inflate their pride? The truth is there are times when we are more inclined to offer a critical reflection rather than a thankful praise. Why is that? On Sunday we will look at how science and faith have come together to remind us the healthiest and happiest people are “Thank You Giving” people. We will look at how encouraging and thankful words can bring refreshment to a weary soul and the observer.