The Artist Of My Soul
August 12, 2018

The Artist Of My Soul

Passage: Genesis
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Some 500 years ago, Martin Luther transformed the religious landscape with a reformation that would forever change the world. Luther knew the importance of the arts - particularly music. He understood that by incorporating music into religion, it gave people a new outlet for creating a closer relationship to God. In fact, some historians believe it was the music that sparked the energy needed for the protestant reformation. Luther believed that music was an expression of God’s call to create. This tradition has continued through the years by artists who speak into the culture and issues of the day through song, visual arts, spoken word, and dance.

On Sunday, we will take a closer look at a few of these co-creators. You will meet an artist in our midst, hear the songs inspired by art, and be encouraged to make your own kind of music. Join us Sunday as we celebrate the artist of the soul.

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