The Holiness of Helpless
February 16, 2020

The Holiness of Helpless

Passage: 1 John 4:4
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Just six weeks after celebrating his 30th Anniversary Tenderness Tour and wheeling 571 times around Indy's Monument Circle in memory of Indiana's child victims of violence, longtime Indiana activist/writer/minister Richard Propes, a paraplegic/double below-knee amputee born with spina bifida, found himself lying in a St. Francis Hospital bed for a 10-day hospital stay that included non-stop IV antibiotics and would eventually claim the remainder of his left leg. A little over 2 months later, Richard has had to re-learn virtually every aspect of his daily life as he works to return to his job where he helps people with disabilities live independently in the community. Richard, who spent Christmas Eve at The Garden, returns to share a message about the holiness he found while lying helpless in his hospital bed and as he begins to face life with a changed body and a new perspective on vulnerability and belonging.