The Soul of Christmas is Love
December 23, 2018

The Soul of Christmas is Love

Passage: Luke 1:30-31, Roman 12:10, John 1:9 NIV

In his book The Soul of Christmas Thomas Moore reminds us the heart of Christmas is not found in the materialistic moment but in our ability to find a way to live in the spiritual and the earthly.  He suggests when we realize there will be times like Jesus when we too will be left in the cold because there is no room but there will also be times when we find home.  There will be time when we experience joy but that will be countered by sorrow and its all a gift.  He says “For our lives, incarnation means being focused on the spiritual and the eternal but bringing that focus deep into our life. … This is really the heart of the Christmas theological message: Live in two worlds that overlap but are distinct. Don’t be materialistic, but don’t sacrifice our ordinary physical life for any spiritual ideal. Be lowly and lofty.”

Join us Sunday as we explore the love that comes with the Christmas season.