The Soul of Christmas: Joy
December 16, 2018

The Soul of Christmas: Joy

Passage: Isaiah 12:6, Romans 15:13, Luke 2: 9-10
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In his book “The Soul of Christmas,” author Thomas Moore reminds us that the true power of the Christmas story is found beyond religion. Christmas is a season where we are introduced to a baby who grows into the visionary leader whose primary role in this world was to teach and heal. A man who brought people together, made circles bigger, and included everyone. Now more than ever, this world needs to be reminded that there is so much to learn in the Christmas story, no matter your religious tradition.
This year, The Garden will seek to get to the soul of Christmas, celebrating the universal truth that comes in hope and anticipation, peace and harmony, joy, and love.

Most Sundays I begin the service saying - “It’s a joy to be with you this morning." But what do we mean when we say the word joy? How do we experience joy? Do you bring a sense of joy to life? Or is joy something that just happens?