We Will Remember
May 26, 2019

We Will Remember

Passage: John 14:26-27 The Message (MSG)
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The older I get the more time I spend trying to remember. Where did I put my keys?  Where is my phone - I just had it.  If I were to add up the amount of time I spend trying to remember the trivial I may very well come to realize where all my time goes.  Yet there is something much more powerful in pausing to remember far beyond the trivial.  As we lose members of the greatest generation we need to reinstate the importance of Memorial Day as a day for remembrance.  We need to remember why the poppy is significant, how women from opposing sides laid flowers of the graves of both confederate and union soldiers and the way some soldiers were treated upon returning home from Vietnam.  On Sunday we will pause to remember those who have served and sacrificed.  We will consider what memories we are passing on to the next generation. Throughout the Bible, the people of God are forever being called to remember.  Called to remember who they were, where they came from and who they belong to.  The call to remember wasn’t just directed at them but a reminder that people who remember the past can call out and pray to God for a future of peace.  Join us Sunday for “We Will Remember"