Whine Not(?)(!)
August 5, 2018

Whine Not(?)(!)

Passage: Psalm 105:37-45 The Message (MSG)
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If you have ever had the opportunity to file or voice a complaint, you know firsthand the process of sharing your concerns can be as frustrating as the original complaint. From the moment you dial the number for customer service help desk in hopes of fixing the problem, to the moment you hear the all-to-familiar automated prompt “one moment please," somehow in your heart, you know your call is not going to end well.

Soon you find that you are following a chain of automated commands directing you to numbers and pound signs, and before you know it you are trapped - too far in to hang up, but not seeing the solution or conclusion anywhere in sight. It is then you realize you have entered the complaint wilderness, and like many of us who have traveled this journey before, it will be years before you reach (if at all) a conclusion or freedom. That is of course if you don’t somehow get disconnected before having the opportunity to address your original complaint!

On Sunday, we will look at people who complain in the bible and how God heard their complaints and responded. So whine not join us for worship on Sunday!