This has been an exciting year and we are so grateful to everyone for your openness and thoughtful feedback during the past several weeks. It has come to our attention that due to the evolving needs of Beef & Boards, we will need to combine our services beginning January 6, 2019, offering one service for all Gardeners at 9:15 am. Our service will continue to be held at Beef & Boards and we are excited to have everyone here at the same time each week.

With all your recent input, we see many benefits from this change:

  • Fostering greater interpersonal relationships
  • Building a stronger sense of community among Gardeners
  • Allowing us all to work together toward a shared future

Please reach out to Larry Hutchison, our Garden Leadership Team Chair, at or call the office at 317-296-8118 with any questions or concerns. Details and updates will be posted on our website and sent out to the congregation electronically.

We’re so glad you’re here with us. We look forward to our continued growth.