We’re Still Standing – Yeah Yeah Yeah!

October begins a new series celebrating the how and why The Garden is still standing through the crazy year 2020 — and we do so with thanksgiving in our hearts! (Albeit, socially distanced or even quarantined in our homes…we’re still standing!)  

  • Seven months ago, The Garden moved quickly and pivoted to online services and meetings. It was with a renewed commitment we continued to explore, engage, and be inspired by the love of God!
  • Worship continued with amazing and creative music as well as engaging more people from their homes through prayer and Stepping Stones, our children’s program.
  • Additionally, we introduced more opportunities to connect online, including 20-Minutes for Prayer, Clergy Chat, book studies, discussion groups, and fun opportunities like Friday Night BINGO.
  • The Garden continued to participate in outreach through The Red Zone, Garden’s Gardens, and helping with Soups On.
  • As racial tension escalated around the world, we welcomed conversation around racial equity and encouraged the greater community to join us as we wrestled with “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. The Garden is still standing!

It’s during times of uncertainty and constant change that we figure out who we are and what it means to be a community of faith. It’s at times like this we find out what we are made of, and I am overjoyed to say The Garden has not stopped — and won’t be stopped by the conditions of this world! Indeed we have something to Celebrate!

The Garden’s goal for the up and coming year will be to continue seeking to be an open, inclusive, Christ-like community where people from many paths gather to explore, engage, and be inspired through the transformation of the world with the love of God. We will do so as individuals no matter where we are — in Indianapolis or any place around the world.

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, we ask you to be part of The Garden family as we are all joined and bound together by the Spirit of faith, hope, love, and inclusion. Please join us this year by pledging your time, talents, and treasures as we celebrate the gift that is The Garden. Let our prayer be that God will use every one of us, and together we will continue our mission to share love enough for the whole world.