The Garden’s Garden is a partnership between The Garden Community Church and Crooked Creek Food Pantry. Both the Crooked Creek Food Pantry and The Garden’s Garden are located on the grounds of the Eskenazi Health Center Pecar. Volunteer Gardeners help plant and maintain these gardens. Then, we harvest the produce and take it inside to the Crooked Creek Food Pantry – supplying fresh produce to those in need!

Due to the pandemic’s residual effects, The Crooked Creek Food Pantry is helping many more people in need of food. They need fresh produce from The Garden’s Garden, now more than ever!

If you’d like to help with this cause, click the signup button below to view available weekly time slots for volunteer Gardeners. During your assigned week, please tend to the garden at a time that is convenient to your schedule.

Tasks include:

  • Water: Keep a watchful eye on the weather and water as needed. (Remember, it’s best to water in the morning or evening when the sun is not as intense.)
  • General Maintenance: Help keep the garden free of weeds, fluffy soil, and generally well-maintained.
  • Harvest: As the garden begins to yield its produce, please harvest the produce and hand it off to the folks inside the Crooked Creek Food Pantry (located on the same grounds as the gardens).

The Garden’s Garden is located on the grounds of Eskenazi Health Center Pecar at 6940 N Michigan Road, just south of 71st (Westlane) and Michigan Rd. Please contact The Garden office with questions or more details.

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