Did you ever have a day that wasn't going so well until you turn on the radio and hear a song that warms your heart? Music has the power to change our mood and even create a spirit of love in the air. On Sunday, the Good Earth Band will present a program of music designed to bring love to light. Come join us for Music Sunday: It's all about the Love.
This weekend the United Methodist Church General Conference is meeting in St. Louis. The primary agenda item will be a vote on ”The Way Forward” report and determine the official stance of the church on issues of human sexuality. Serving in ministry for more than twenty years human sexuality is a topic that has historically been a source of pain, conflict, and division in the in the United Methodist Church.
In February, we are encouraging Gardeners to bring a friend to service to celebrate the gift of friendship and be mindful of what it means to share in a loving community. In a world where we celebrate individuality, we want to pause and focus on our need for one another.

A Mother’s Love

May 13, 2018
For many at the Garden Mother’s Day is a beautiful time to remember and celebrate the woman who have given birth, nurtured their children and created a loving legacy.  Yet…