For many at the Garden Mother’s Day is a beautiful time to remember and celebrate the amazing women who have given us life and raised us.  It is also a time to celebrate those women who have committed to love all children ensuring we have a world where all children know love. Yet we also recognize that this day which brings joy for many will also bring pain and loss for others. 

G.I.F.T.: Better Together

November 18, 2018
It's hard to argue that relationships with other people are an important part of life. Everything we do, every part of our lives, is made better by sharing it with other people. We need friends, don't we?

Breaking Free

August 26, 2018
On Sunday, we will be presenting our Big Give donation to Samantha’s House and Van. This organization is committed to helping people who are trapped both physically and financially due to serious injuries or disabilities by improving their surroundings to make life a little easier.We will also use this as an opportunity to consider how we too get trapped in life, either in our surroundings, our attitude, a job we do not like, a relationship, or an addiction to name a few.  We will consider how we can find new ways out of the challenges we face by simply shifting a perspective.