Media Upload

Helpful Hints for Recording Video

Video Composition
  • Record in landscape/wide-screen mode, this means turning your device sideways (horizontal), not upright (vertical).
  • When possible, use a tripod or set your camera on a stable surface. If someone must hold the camera for you, use two hands, and minimize movement/shake.
  • Elevate the camera to the relative height of the subject’s eyes so that they are looking straight-on at the camera. (Shooting/looking up or down should be reserved only for special effects.) 
  • Envisions a tick-tac-toes square on your screen. The subject’s eyes should be on the top horizontal line, and the head should be centered between the two vertical lines. This will leave just the right amount of space between the top of your head and the top of the video frame.
  • Establish a medium shot, this means the bottom of the video frame should be between the navel and the chest.
  • Try to establish a visually appealing scene. Perhaps a nice outdoor scene, being mindful of audio/lighting. Maybe you simply use a solid wall/background, being mindful of shadows behind you. Here is where you can be creative! — but be mindful to minimize distractions in the background.
  • If using a script/cue cards, place them immediately below the camera (not to the left or right). The camera catches eye movements and the audience perceives downward glances as less distracting. (Some may even use a clipboard/portfolio, in-hand, for reference though remember to only glance at it; please do not read directly from the prop.)
  • Try to get as close as possible to the device microphone, while still maintaining an acceptable shot composition.
  • Listing for and try to eliminate background noise (refrigerator hum, lighting buzz, animal noises, talking, cars driving by, etc.).
  • Speak loud and clear, projecting your voice as to fill a conference room.
  • The subject should be well-lit form the front.
  • Do not shoot in front of windows, bright sky, or with the sun behind the subject.
  • When lighting from the front, watch for large shadows on the background (lighting at 45-degree angle above the subject works best)
  • Once the shot has been set up and you are ready to record, smile, and pause for two seconds before you begin speaking.
  • When you are finished, continue to smile, holding the shot for two seconds at the end before stopping the recording.
  • If you must begin and end the recording on your own, it’s ok if you walk into and out of the shot. But still, establish the two-second rule at the beginning and end (our production crew can trim the video for you).
File Submissions
  • Submit the video to The Garden’s Media Upload page on the website.
  • Simply click the red upload button on the page and you will be prompted to choose the video from your device’s storage library.

“Rule of Thirds” Reference