Who We Are

We Are

An open, inclusive, Christ-like community where people from many paths gather to explore, engage, and seek inspiration to transform our world through the unconditional love of God.

Core Values: Social Justice, Outreach, Spirituality, Love, Inclusiveness, and Celebration

It all started with a dream...
In 1994, founding pastor Dr. Linda McCoy had a dream knowing God intended for her to do something far different in ministry. In 1995, The Garden church was planted, holding its first services at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre. In 2016, The Garden became an independent church from its parent organization of St. Luke’s UMC and now stands strongly on its own, pastored by Dr. Rev. Carolyn Scanlan-Holmes.  Officially chartered in June 2017, The Garden is now The Garden Community UMC.
The Garden is an alternative spiritual voice of open, inclusive theology
The Garden is a leader of a forward-thinking movement, which encourages people to experience the holy in all of life, not just through the traditional format known as “church.” Those who experience The Garden find connections through common values more than through common beliefs. The Garden is: spiritual, not religious; accepting, not judgmental; seeking, not certain; inclusive, not exclusive; up-to-date, not limited by the past; and succeeds in blurring the lines between the sacred and secular. Those who are connected with The Garden are empowered and encouraged to think for themselves and to be wherever they are in their own life/spiritual journey without any expectation of a pre-determined or set destination.
The Garden is a Reconciling Ministry of the United Methodist Church, affirming everyone

…regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof, and affirms the dignity, worth and value of every person, emphasizing that we are loved and accepted just as we are. The Garden believes everyone has a divine purpose in this life and we work to help everyone find the spark of God in their hearts. Anyone is welcome on our leadership teams, in our church, in our volunteer corps – no matter your story, you are welcomed and affirmed here.